Terroir varieties

Lying at the foot of the Mont Alaric on North-facing clay-limestone slopes lightened by alluvial gravels from the Quaternary period, the Domaine is situated between the dry Mediterranean climate and damper Atlantic air which gives a long ripening period, essential for finesse and aromatic complexity.

The vineyards of Château Mansenoble range from 80 to 120 meters above sea level and their Northern exposure is a advantage in this hot region – the vines benefit from more freshness, the acidities are better preserved and the big difference between day and night temperatures promotes a better transit of sugars. Although the soil composition is mainly clay-limestone, it dates from varying ages: the soil in the vin de pays vineyards dates from the Quaternary and  that of the AOC goes back to the beginning of the Tertiary (Paleocene-Eocene) period of the formation of the Pyrenees. Some are on a mixture of conglomerates, sandstones and fluvial sandy marl, others on oyster sandstone.