About Us

Every year the Mont Alaric entrusts us with a part of its legendary treasure from which we passionately and competently create the wines of great elegance that are “Mansenoble”, reserved for appreciative wine-lovers the World over.

In its September 2005 issue, the Revue du Vin de France ran its first ever ranking of the great red wines of Languedoc.

The 134 selected wines were divided into five categories (somewhat similar to the Bordeaux ranking): Exceptional Crus (5), Superior Crus (20), High Quality Crus (29), Quality Crus (30) and Crus Méritants (50).

Château La Voulte Gasparets and Château Mansenoble were the only two Corbières to be ranked amongst the Superior Crus (equivalent of ‘deuxième cru’)